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Installation & Uninstallation

  • Solar panels are appliances that convert solar energy into electrical energy. With increasing demand for inexhaustible sources of energy, solar panels have gained acceptance among various territories. Prism Lead India offers you the solar panel installation services in Bangalore with a team of expert professionals who help customers with installation and maintenance for all types of solar panels.
  • Our technicians carefully inspect the area of installation and follow all safety measures to ensure optimum results. Prism Lead India Offers Comprehensive Services for Installation and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Advantages of Assisting Solar Panel Installation Services

We have a team of professionally trained experts who offer well planned installation services for solar panels in residential, commercial as well as industrial settings. Following are some of the advantages of assisting reputable service providers in Bangalore:

  1. Extensive maintenance services by professional technicians
  2. Trained and skilled solar panel installation team, sincerely install solar panels and maintain the creative appeal of the space
  3. On-site energy inspect services
  4. Suggest smart and modular battery storage solution
  5. Constructing and set-up services for solar power monitoring tools
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Repair and services

We provide our best service to repair solar water heaters for all the brands and various kinds of solar heaters. Our technicians are trained and have become experts in giving their best in servicing the solar. Our experts provide service effectively and respectfully with the best results. We provide service to various types include:

  • Flat plate collector

There are two types of flat plate collectors namely glazed and unglazed. The glazed collectors are weather proofed and it uses a dark absorber plate under either one or two glass. The unglazed collectors were used for heating the solar pool. It uses a dark absorber plate made of metal polymer without any bounding

  • Integral collector storage systems

The inherent collector storage systems which are also called ICS batch systems have one or more black tanks or tubes that are enveloped in a glazed box. When the cold water goes through the solar collector then it boils/heats the water. The boiling water then flows through the normal water heater where we get hot water. These storage systems mostly used lightly freezing places  because there are chances that the external pipes might freeze in extreme cool temperatures.

  • Evacuated tube solar collectors

They consist of transparent glass tubes where each tube consists of a glass external tube and a metal buckler connected to a paddle. The paddle takes heat from the sun but these collectors prohibitively give energy loss. These types of systems are used in commercial appliances.


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Annual Maintenance

Solar maintenance is to ensure that the solar repair system is functioning safely, efficiently, and effectively, Some of the maintenance work that solar may do systems. Solar panel maintenance is fairly minimal. There are generally three different schedules to keep in mind:

  • Annual inspection: Once per year, hire a technician to inspect your solar panels and ensure they’re working properly.
  • Cleaning: In general, you’ve to plan to have your solar panels cleaned about twice per year. You might only need one cleaning per year if you live in an area with lots of rain and where your solar panels don’t absorb much dirt or debris. But if you live in an area where your solar panels don’t get much rain or collect lots of dirt or debris, it is necessary to plan for more cleanings.
  • Additional maintenance:  If you notice a problem with your solar panels outside of your annual inspection, you can schedule a maintenance appointment as required.

Solar Repair and Services in Bangalore is the best choice to repair your solar heaters, because we provide you the best professional technicians in Bangalore who offer you solar repair and maintenance services. These services include repair and troubleshooting of issues with solar heaters, as well as daily maintenance such as cleaning, moving parts, and replacing worn or damaged components.

What is the total time for solar heaters repair?

If any problems occur, then we’ll solve them immediately. However, if we don’t have the equipment in stock then it may take 48 hours to deliver them. We also offer you the services for repairing all types of household appliances such as Air conditioners, Water purifiers, Washing machines, Microwave ovens, Televisions, and CCTV brands, Refrigerators.

About Our Trained Technicians

  • Our technicians are experienced professionals in repairing solar heaters, and we offer high-quality service at competitive prices. We provide a high level service and complete repose. Our team includes highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who work effectively and provide you the best results.
  • Similarly, we guarantee that our service will be delivered on-site the same day. Our professionals are qualified and experienced repair engineers who ensure that you will get the best satisfactory services with neat handling.
  • For solar heaters, we not only offer service guarantees for non-guaranteed equipment, but also the extended warranty of all major dealers in your area. Our technicians are well grounded and efficient, ensuring that you receive the best service in peace and quiet.

Solar maintenance is to ensure that the solar repair system is functioning safely, efficiently, and effectively, Some of the maintenance work that solar may do ystems.